1 November 2023

The Vital Role of PR for Charities

Braden MacDonald
Senior Account Executive

The Vital Role of PR for Charities

As we near the second winter where the temperatures may be the second most biting thing to affect the nation, the cost-of-living crisis continues to loom large over many sectors.

While fuel, food, and energy costs continue to fluctuate, little discussed is the impact on a vital sector which is itself taking the strain of rising costs and high inflation – the charity sector. In these challenging times, effective PR can be the beacon guiding charities through the storm. PR has become an indispensable tool for charity organisations, helping them raise awareness, engage the public, secure vital funding, and navigate the tumultuous waters of the cost-of-living crisis.

Here’s how PR makes the journey easier for the charity sector:

Fundraising in Challenging Times

Charities are heavily reliant on donations, which has become more of a challenge during the cost-of-living crisis. Donated funds are stretched thin due to rising costs, alongside fewer contributions from a cash-conscious public. Research from Charity Link showed that 58% of charity leaders ranked financial stability and income generation as top concerns in a year where donations had already halved in 2022. Click here to read more.

In this financial tightrope walk, PR emerges as a crucial tool to secure charities’ financial stability. PR experts can craft compelling narratives that resonate with the public, inspiring increased support and donations – even during times where cost-of-living is having a profound impact.

Building Trust and Loyalty

Effective PR can connect with various groups, including existing and potential donors, volunteers, and the beneficiaries of the charity’s work. PR campaigns, such as social media outreach and email marketing, offer a platform to foster trust and loyalty among these groups.

For instance, through engaging social media content, charities can share impactful stories of the people they’ve helped, inspiring donors to continue their support. Email marketing campaigns can keep volunteers informed about upcoming events or opportunities, maintaining their enthusiasm and commitment. The engagement of beneficiaries, sharing their experiences, can expand the charity’s reach and inspire more volunteers and donors to get involved. Effective PR is not just about raising awareness but also about nurturing lasting relationships with the stakeholders who are the lifeblood of the charity sector. It ensures that the charity’s work continues to make a positive impact.

Navigating Challenges with PR Expertise

In the ever-shifting landscape of the charity sector, crisis management is a vital skill. Charities face the dual challenge of rising costs and heightened demand for their services. PR professionals play a crucial role in helping charities communicate effectively during crises, maintain trust among donors, and adapt their services as needed.

For example, during a sudden financial shortfall, PR experts swiftly create transparent, empathetic messages. These messages, delivered through various channels such as press releases and social media, inform stakeholders about the challenges the charity faces and the steps being taken to address them.

The British Red Cross offers a notable example, effectively managing the crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They launched a PR campaign that showcased their emergency response efforts and the impact of the crisis on their operations. By sharing compelling stories of their frontline workers and beneficiaries, they maintained donor trust and attracted new supporters inspired by their work during the critical period.

Additionally, PR professionals assist charities in adapting their services to evolving needs. For instance, when in-person support services saw reduced demand due to pandemic restrictions, charities transitioned to virtual services with PR guidance. This ensured a smooth transition for beneficiaries and donors, demonstrating how effective crisis management through PR helps charities maintain their resilience, inspire continued support, and adapt to challenges.

In a world gripped by the cost-of-living crisis, the charity sector finds itself at a defining juncture. Charities must grapple with mounting costs and heightened demand, requiring a delicate balance. Amidst these turbulent times, PR emerges as the guiding light.

PR serves as the compass, helping charities raise awareness, engage the public, secure vital funding, and navigate the complex cost-of-living crisis. It’s the lifeline that empowers charities not only to endure but to thrive in the face of financial challenges and rising living costs.

PR professionals play a crucial role in ensuring that the charity sector remains resilient, adaptive, and impactful. Together with effective PR, charities chart a course towards a future where their essential work touches more lives and makes a lasting difference.

Event Alert!

The Media Foundry is hosting a charitable roundtable on November 15th to discuss the impact of the cost-of-living crisis and the importance of PR.

For more details, please reach out to us: events@themediafoundry.com

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