21 August 2023

The green revolution will not be televised….

Kat Jackson
Head of Client Services

…It’s just quietly going on all around.

…It’s just quietly going on all around.

After a year of unprecedented temperature targets, wildfires throughout Europe and North America and sea temperatures hitting record levels, the reality and impact of living with climate change is starting to dramatically crystalise,
Earlier this year, a comprehensive YouGov poll across Europe found widespread concern at the impact of climate change, but that making changes to lifestyles still required significant effort and assistance. When the problem is global, it can seem daunting if not impossible to make significant changes to daily routines which might make significant differences. And yet, those little changes are going on all around.

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The most notable in the UK is the rEVolution – in fact, recently Ernst & Young found that buying intent for electric cars has reached 54% – no doubt aided by the fluctuations in petrol prices in the UK over the last year, a shift away from diesel, and greater access to charging points (although still not widespread enough in a system where low access to public charging points, faulty apparatus and problem payments are still common). Still, potentially the biggest change to the automotive industry in over a century will not happen overnight.
The same things extend to our homes. The government has been vocal in support of heat pumps as an alternative to gas boilers, and while their use is still growing, satisfaction scores among users stand at 4 in 5 people, according to Eunomia Research & Consulting. Given incentives to install the heat pumps, we can expect to see a similar trajectory to the growth of solar panels around the UK, now a common sight on neighbourhood rooflines around the UK.

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Even solar farms – often considered an eyesore like wind turbines – are now welcomed, with 94% of people either neutral in their opinion or positive in outlook. All the while, two-thirds of us would be happy to buy a home with solar panels.
You could argue that many of these changes are economically motivated – heat pumps, solar panels and electric vehicles all have a notable benefit when gas, energy and petrol prices have been such an influencing factor during the cost of living pressures. However, after years of denial, slow to no progress or at best minimal traction, the nation which knows so much about the power of marginal gains is accelerating in its acceptance of the greener alternative – certainly in their homes.

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The bigger question now hangs in the air – how long before this expectation extends to the businesses they choose to buy from, and just how will that be communicated?
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