14 August 2023

Beyond customers

Drisha Jain
Junior Account Executive

Beyond Consumers: ‘B2B’ Influencers Fueling Growth

Beyond Consumers: ‘B2B’ Influencers Fueling Growth

Fun Fact: in 1760, the world saw one of the first influencer collaborations, when Stoke-On-Trent potter Josiah Wedgewood made a set of teacups for Queen Charlotte. Naturally, the term ‘influencer’ didn’t exist then
One of the hottest and most (ahem) influential trends in marketing within the last few years, working with “influencers” is exactly how it sounds. Tapping into the networks of highly influential people. Topics which these individuals talk or write about tend to have an appreciative audience. Traditionally, when we think of influencer marketing, we envision it being prevalent in industries like consumer goods, food, lifestyle, fashion, and travel. But when you look at the old adage, ‘People buy from People,’ it’s just as applicable for B2B.
It’s remarkable to think that back in 2010, B2B marketing hardly seemed like a playground for fun marketing approaches. Yet, times have changed, and a poll conducted by InvespCro found that 94% of marketers believe influencer marketing to be a successful strategy for B2B businesses.
Gary Vaynerchuk (pictured), CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerSports and VaynerMedia aptly puts it, ‘I establish that I’m different. Yeah, I’m different.’ B2B brands often strive to differentiate themselves, however, the rise in b2b influencer marketing allows them to embody their distinctiveness by putting a personable and human influencer voice to business marketing tactics.

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The Mechanics of B2B Influencer Marketing

So, how does it all work? It’s not just about hiring a famous personality to promote your brand. Instead, it is about building genuine relationships with industry leaders, thought influencers, and experts who align with your brand’s values and vision.

The key lies in finding the right influencers who have a genuine interest in your industry, product, or service. Their expertise, combined with an engaged and loyal following, can create a powerful ripple effect that resonates with your target audience.

The Front Row Seat to B2B Influencer Magic

“When it comes to where B2B influencer marketing can take business in the next few years, our only limitations are our imaginations.” – Brian Solis (pictured), VP, Global Innovation Evangelist, Salesforce. Forget the typical macro-bloggers! Marketers are now having a blast with B2B influencer approaches by coming up with fresh and quirky trends. It’s all about thinking outside the box and discovering new avenues to make an impact.

Be Your Own Influencer – Guest Blogging

Who would’ve thought that guest blogging could work wonders for growing a business? Just look at Jon Cooper, the brilliant mind behind Point Blank SEO, a link-building blog. When he guest blogged on YouMoz and Moz, the results were jaw-dropping. In just 24 hours, his blog saw a whopping increase of over 400 visitors, and traffic has been climbing steadily ever since. Talk about a power move!

Employees as Brand Advocates

When it comes to understanding your products and services, who could do it better than your own employees? Let them do some talking and be your brand voice. IBM, a master of the game, transformed its employees into influencers.

Amber Armstrong, IBM’s Marketing Social Business Program Director, shared that their employee advocacy drove a staggering 50,000 new registrations to IBM Verse within the first two weeks of its launch. Smart business decisions, right there.

The World is Evolving, and so is B2B

While most businesses flock to LinkedIn for promoting their B2B activities, some jump to a different bandwagon. In recent times, businesses are aware how an omni-channel presence can benefit them. Take Microsoft’s brilliant idea of pairing National Geographic with International Women’s Day, the “Make What’s Next” Instagram campaign.

The results were nothing short of mind-blowing: 30 breathtaking pictures by renowned photographers across National Geographic’s Instagram channels, with over 3.5 million “likes” and a staggering 1,000 pictures were uploaded by the audience themselves. And as we saw firsthand on this week’s European Digital Marketing Conference, TikTok is actively and enthusiastically encouraging more b2b voices to its video-first platform.

The world of B2B influencer marketing is a captivating journey where brands are discovering innovative ways to connect with their audiences. It is almost surprising that it is only just gaining traction. Unconsciously, we, as customers, have been seeking the guidance of influential individuals for years. Now businesses are harnessing the power of these influencers to make their mark.
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